Teacher Qualification Subjects

The 50 states of America specify that a teacher has certification. Certification is required to teach primary or secondary school. For individuals wishing to teach drama a Bachelor Degree is a necessity, particularly in Education with emphasis on Speech, English or even Drama.

The requirements for certification or licensee differ in each state. It is possible to teach theater with a degree in Speech Education. Studying at a college is strongly advised and courses range from communication (speech/public speaking) classes to theater/acting/debate classes as well as other standard courses that are available.

Certain states do not have schools that teach a Drama Education major. Each state differs and has schools that teach different courses so it is advisable to look in the state where you want to teach before applying for a course.

The requirement for any kind of teacher is to graduate from high school. There are often after-school high school tutoring programs that are run with neighboring elementary and middle schools. It is then necessary to gain a Bachelor`s Degree.

A Bachelor`s Degree must be gained in education, secondary, education or elementary education from an accredited university. Courses that are included in the four year degree program include, social science, physical science, mathematics, art and literature, as well as the philosophy of education and the psychology of learning.

After gaining a Bachelor`s Degree A lot of university students that are enrolled in education degree courses participate in a student-teaching internship. Internships place students at elementary, middle or secondary schools, here they work under guided supervision with professional teachers. After participating in a student-teaching internship it is possible to work as a student teacher. The next step is not a necessity, but many teachers choose to enroll in a professional development school after earning their bachelor`s degree before they embark on their first professional teaching position. It is also essential to obtain a teaching license through the State Board of Education.

No matter what qualification an individual wishes to study they need to have at least a Bachelors degree with a specialization in the field chosen. Biology teacher qualifications include a Degree in teaching and a qualification in biology. Business teacher qualifications might include a B.A in Business and Marketing. Dance teacher qualifications include a bachelors or masters degree in dance performance. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education is the national professional accrediting body for schools of education within America.