Health Teacher Qualifications

First and foremost, a Health Teacher's tasks are almost similar to that of a Physical Education Teacher. Their main objective of teaching their students is to make the best and effective choices that will result to a healthy and positive lifestyle. Unlike the physical education teachers who venture out of the classroom settings, health teachers teach their students only inside the classroom.

Health teacher's qualifications start with having a four (4) years Bachelor's Degree. Enrolling in Health or Science-related courses is much preferable. Health teachers should be knowledgeable in how the human body basically works. For Health teachers who plan on advancing their careers, taking another course such as Physical Education is one way to do it. As most employers will give more priority to individuals who have more knowledge and skills.

It is a wise move to first check if the college is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Accreditation of schools is very important as this signifies that the school had undergone very strict screening and evaluations. That their graduates had undergone the necessary trainings and assessments that will make them eligible in acquiring professional licenses.

Graduates are given teaching certificates as a professional recognition for the successful completion of the coursework. Certified health teachers then must acquire a valid state credential. This credential gives them the authority to become teachers in health education.

Certified Health teachers may choose to be board certified. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in an independent and non-profit organization. It requires the candidates to have a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university; three (3) years of teaching experience; and a valid state license.

An effective health teacher is one who knows what they are talking about. They are comfortable with themselves that what they teach their students will make a lasting impact. And that they are confident that whatever they teach will largely contribute in how their students make a positive decision when it comes to health and lifestyles.