Assistant And Substitute Teacher Qualifications

Teaching is probably one of the most rewarding jobs that are available. Not only does teaching provide you with the experience of helping youngsters to achieve their potential, it also provides the teacher with many benefits, including a sense of satisfaction that they are always working to try and improve the education of others. However, while much information is provided about the qualifications needed to become a teacher, not much information is actually available about the qualification needed by a substitute teacher or teaching assistant.

Assistant and substitute teachers play an important role in schools and provide much needed support for regular teachers. Not only are they required to replace teachers when they are sick or have holiday leave, but also provide much needed help in classrooms with large groups of students. The job of the assistant and substitute teacher is thus extremely important and is a good way for graduates to find out if teaching is a career which suits their skills.

While the qualifications required for becoming a teaching assistant or substitute teacher, varies greatly across the country; some states differ greatly in the qualification requirements they will accept from applicants. Some schools for example just require substitute teacher applicants to have completed school, and passed their General Educational Development (GED) exam. However, many other schools usually require that assistant and substitute teacher candidates have qualifications which match those of regular teachers.

This usually means assistant and substitute teachers require qualifications such as a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate. Teaching certificates are thus a very important qualification for prospective assistant and substitute teachers, and let school employers know you have the necessary knowledge to teach at a level which aids the education of children. For those requiring assistant and substitute teacher qualifications there are numerous courses run in universities and colleges across the country which provide teaching certificates in a range of subjects. If you are planning to be a substitute teacher of the English language to non-speaking English students then a TEFL teaching certificate would be a useful qualification to have.

There are also numerous international teaching certificate and diplomas which are available worldwide which would certainly benefit your credentials for becoming a substitute teacher. The University of Cambridge offer a wide range of international professional development courses to aid prospective teaching professionals, including an International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers, and International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. In some schools a Para Pro Exam might be all that stands in your way of your substitute teaching career. Para Pro, organize a number of tests across the country each year and also provide details about the qualifying scores different states accept for teaching professionals.

Another credential which could secure a position as a teaching assistant or substitute teacher is a CDA. The CDA is a recognized teaching staff qualification in around forty-nine states, so is a particularly useful assessment to take for those requiring assistant and substitute teacher qualifications in the USA. Of course, in some schools there are still some vacancies for those with relevant experience in teaching. So gaining experience through volunteer work with schools would also be advisable.